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Established in 2022 by academics, researchers specializing in critical youth studies, and youth activists, the Istanbul Youth Research Center (affiliated with the BEKSD Association) is dedicated to conducting critical and justice-oriented scientific research. We specifically focus on understanding the social, cultural, and political experiences of young people, encompassing diverse socio-economic, national, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, and gender identities. Our primary objectives are to address the inequalities faced by young people, advocate for their rights, and collaboratively design, develop, and implement egalitarian, democratic, and emancipatory policies for and with youth.


Research Areas

Urban Youth & Social Policy

Youth and Education

The research unit "Youth and Education" is dedicated to initiating scholarly, public, and political discussions regarding the structural barriers within the education system. We aim to challenge the prevailing notion that positions young people as deficient individuals who need to be molded for the future or as mere “citizens-in-the-making.”

Youth Political Participation

Diverse Youth (Sub)Cultures, Daily Practices, and Minority Experiences

The research unit, titled "Diverse Youth (Sub)Cultures, Daily Life Practices, and Minority Youth," is committed to studying the social and cultural lives of young individuals from various identity, class, and biographical backgrounds, each belonging to distinct social groups and generations.

The "Youth Political Participation" unit at our Centre is dedicated to studying the diverse modes and experiences of political and civic engagement among young individuals from various social and cultural backgrounds across different cities in Turkey.

The research unit "Urban Youth, Inequalities, and Social Policy" is dedicated to fostering knowledge and policies that uphold democratic rights and equality for youth residing in both metropolitan and small-scale urban areas across Turkey.

Directors and Coordinators

Advisory Board


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