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Galata Köprüsü ve Galata Kulesi

About Us

Established in 2022 by academics, researchers specializing in critical youth studies, and youth
activists, the Istanbul Youth Research Center (affiliated with the BEKSD Association) is
dedicated to conducting critical and justice-oriented scientific research. We specifically focus on
understanding the social, cultural, and political experiences of young people, encompassing
diverse socio-economic, national, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, and gender identities. Our
primary objectives are to address the inequalities faced by young people, advocate for their
rights, and collaboratively design, develop, and implement egalitarian, democratic, and
emancipatory policies for and with youth.

At the Istanbul Youth Research Center, our research encompasses a wide range of topics, such as
youth subcultures, everyday life experiences, youth inequalities, the impact of neoliberal policies
on young people, political participation, citizenship rights, educational experiences, and
(inter)generational dynamics. We extend our focus to different groups of young people,
including student youth, working-class youth, middle-class urban youth, homeless youth,
disabled youth, LGBTI+ youth, young women, refugee youth, and minority youth.

With a strong commitment to the common good and fundamental public rights, we prioritize key
areas such as education, health, housing, and gender equality for youth communities facing
inequalities, insecurity, discrimination, and injustice at the local, national, and global levels.
Through our research endeavors, we develop policy recommendations to foster democratic youth
policies. We highly value collaboration with youth organizations, civil society organizations, and
public institutions as we work towards developing egalitarian and democratic and egalitarian
youth policies. Furthermore, we are dedicated to acting as a bridge, facilitating connections
between academic and activist individuals and platforms striving for social justice for young
people in Turkey and Europe.

In addition to conducting research and knowledge production, the Istanbul Youth Research
Center provides training and consultancy services. We design and deliver online and face-to-face
training programs within our areas of expertise, catering to the needs and demands of educational
institutions, teachers, public institutions working for young people, local governments, social
workers, NGOs, media institutions, students, and youth communities.

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