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Yıldız Tar

Yıldız Tar

Yıldız Tar started journalism in 2013. After working as an editor at Etkin News Agency and as a program producer and presenter at Özgür Radio, they have worked as a reporter, editor and editor-in-chief at, the only LGBTI+ internet newspaper in Turkey since 2014. Tar continues working as the Media and Communication Program Coordinator of Kaos GL Association. 

Tar’s interviews with left-wing and socialist political parties on LGBTI+ rights were published in their book titled "Yoldaş Ben İbneyim: Solun LGBT ile İmtihanı" (Comrade I am Faggot). Tar’s another book titled “Dönmelere Doyamadık", “Translar Vardır” consists of  their interviews with trans women in Turkey. “Patikalar: Resmi Tarihe Çentik” (Trails: Hacking the Official History) is an oral history study on the history of the LGBTI+ movement in Turkey. 

Yıldız Tar writes the annual media monitoring report of Kaos GL Association. Tar’s articles on LGBTI+ rights, memory studies, literature, hate speech and media literacy were published in various newspapers, magazines and digital media.

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