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Youth Political Participation


The "Youth Political Participation" unit at our Centre is dedicated to studying the diverse modes and experiences of political and civic engagement among young individuals from various social and cultural backgrounds across different cities in Turkey.


Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, our research unit engages in the publication and organization of academic and public discussions on several key sub-topics related to youth political participation. These topics include:

  • Rights and Freedoms: We explore the democratic representation of young people and their rights for active and equal participation, free expression, and organization.

  • Political Engagement: Our unit investigates the processes of political engagement among young individuals.

  • Youth in Political Parties: We study the involvement of young people in political parties and their experiences within these organizations.

  • Youth in Local Governments: We examine the participation of youth in local governance structures and how they contribute to community development.

  • Youth Citizenship: Our research explores the concept of youth citizenship and how young individuals understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

  • Civil Society Activism: We analyze youth engagement in civil society activism, advocacy, and volunteerism, and their role in driving positive social change.

  • Social Movements and Youth Cultures: Our unit explores young people's meaningful participation in various social movements, such as climate activism and feminist movements, as well as their involvement in activist youth cultures.

  • Youth in Political Networks: We investigate the role and experiences of youth in both formal and alternative political networks, highlighting their contributions to shaping political landscapes.

  • Social-Political Generations: Our research delves into the dynamics of social-political generations and how they impact youth political participation.

  • Democratizing Intergenerational Dialogue: We focus on fostering dialogue and understanding between different generations within the political field.


By delving into these critical topics, our "Youth Political Participation" research unit seeks to empower and amplify the voices of young people, facilitate their active engagement in politics, and contribute to building a more inclusive and vibrant democratic society.

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