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Kalabalık Sınıf
Youth and Education: Fostering Inclusive and Democratic Learning Environments


The research unit "Youth and Education" is dedicated to initiating scholarly, public, and political discussions regarding the structural barriers within the education system. We aim to challenge the prevailing notion that positions young people as deficient individuals who need to be molded for the future or as mere “citizens-in-the-making.”


Our research prioritizes the perspectives, experiences, and needs of youth, seeking to contribute to the design, improvement, and democratization of educational experiences for children and young individuals across different age groups, ranging from elementary to post-secondary and higher education. Through our research and civic engagements, we strive to promote an egalitarian, democratic, gender-equitable, and post-humanist education system nationwide.


Key areas of focus for the "Youth and Education" research unit include:

  • Rethinking Education: We aim to transcend the (neo)liberal vision of education that promotes competitiveness, individualism, and adult-centered notions of "future citizenship."

  • Curriculum Analysis and Transformation: Collaborating with stakeholders, such as student associations, educators, educational institutions, and trade unions, we analyze and advocate for the transformation of education curricula.

  • Inclusive Education: We examine the exclusionary practices faced by young girls and young LGBTI+ individuals in educational settings, addressing issues like harassment, social exclusion, and bullying. Our goal is to propose inclusive, gender-equitable, and non-heteronormative education policies and practices.

  • Violence Prevention: We work towards creating safe and violence-free learning environments, with a specific focus on school-based violence prevention.

  • Peace Culture in Education: Promoting peace culture, we seek to embed principles of peace and tolerance within educational practices.

  • Democratization and Participation: We advocate for democratizing educational institutions and promoting meaningful student participation in schools and higher education.


By critically examining these areas and generating dialogue, our research unit aspires to foster positive changes in the education system, promoting inclusive and democratic learning environments that empower and uplift the youth living in Turkey.

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