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Youth Suicides: Cultivating Hope for a Different World

Duration: February 2023 to November 2023

Generously supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and led by the Istanbul Youth Research Center, the Youth Suicides project endeavors to understand the plight of young people amid the myriad challenges of our times. As youthhood stretches, generational conflicts deepen, economic and educational problems escalate, and institutional communication falters, young individuals find themselves grappling with numerous issues, including the alarming rise of suicides. Our mission is twofold: to listen to the cries of the youth and to explore pathways towards hope and change.

Through this project, we aim to create awareness about the societal factors that contribute to youth suicides and initiate crucial conversations with various stakeholders. A primary focus is on developing a sociological analysis of young people's suicides, making sense of their experiences, and collaborating with stakeholders to seek solutions that empower and support the well-being of young people. Through qualitative research, we seek to bring youth suicides back into the spotlight, viewing them not as isolated incidents but as a pressing political concern that demands comprehensive and preventive measures within Turkey's public and political agenda.

Our approach to hope aligns with Ernst Bloch's Principle of Hope, where hope transcends mere optimism and becomes a resolute will to foster positive change. Within the project, we are committed to nurturing hope and exploring its potential to shape a different world for young people, one that offers them support, understanding, and opportunities for growth.

  • Project Co-Coordinators: Demet Lüküslü (Yeditepe University), Özlem Avcı (Uşak University)

  • Project Team Members: Demet Lüküslü (Yeditepe University), Özlem Avcı (Uşak University), Cihan Erdal (Carleton University), Derya Fırat (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University), Hakan Yücel (Galatasaray University), Begüm Uzun (MEF University)


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